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Meet IdEEA's Board


Mark-Beaversmall Mark Beaver Residence: McCall, ID

I was born and raised in McCall, Idaho and spent my youth roaming the forests and riverbanks surrounding our rural neighborhood. As I grew older, my realm of exploration expanded to the peaks and Wildernesses of the Northwest. These experiences formed the foundation of my profound connection to our natural environment. This connection - coupled with a deep belief in the power of education - led me to the graduate residency at McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS). At MOSS I witnessed firsthand the transformative effect that engaging, experiential education can have on young people. Since MOSS, I have devoted myself to the advancement of environmental literacy in our youth by working and volunteering with various environmental education organizations. Currently, I am contributing to the environment of life-long learning at MOSS as the Maintenance Coordinator, as well as developing a back country ski program in McCall where teens gain experiential foundations in avalanche, snow, and climate science while hiking and skiing in Idaho’s West Central Mountains.  

Corywmall Cory Coffman Residence: Pocatello, ID

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, my EE career began in Wisconsin while attending Carroll University where I received a BS in Environmental Science. I began volunteering with different organizations, leading nature hikes or science experiments for elementary students. After graduation, I found my way out West to the McCall Outdoor Science School, gaining experience teaching students in beautiful Ponderosa State Park while earning a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education through the University of Idaho. I then detoured back to Wisconsin to work in Special Education in the Westby Area School District and then in Outreach and Education for Organic Valley, an organic food company. Recently, I made my way back to the great state of Idaho where I’m Curator of Education at the Pocatello Zoo. These diverse work experiences have given me insight into how government, private, and public organizations fit into the world of EE. I’m passionate about environmental education in my job and in daily life as well and am happy to be a part of connecting environmental educators across Idaho.  

Name: Kim Young - Treasurer Residence: Boise Occupation: Commercial Credit Analyst, US Bank

Version 2 I love the environment! I'm a native Idahoan and know how valuable the environment and its wildlife are to our local economy and lifestyles. I am most interested in water resources and increasing community awareness and cooperation in responsible/safe residential use and conservation. My background is in anthropology/archaeology and environmental public administration. My primary interests are cultural ecology and water resource management.  

Julie Scanlin Residence: Boise, ID Occupation: Water Education and Outreach Coordinator; Idaho Water Resources Research Institute – University of Idaho

I am an Idaho native who grew up on a farm in North Idaho. As farming duties would allow, my family hunted, fished, and camped for recreation. My environmental connections, framework and ethic are founded in those experiences. Idaho’s land and natural resources have continuously provided me a living and quality of life for which I will always be grateful and I feel a strong obligation to give back to and protect “our home” in any way I can – I have chosen education as that vehicle. I have a teaching degree from University of Idaho (UI) and did masters studies at UI as well in natural resources to enhance my knowledge base and skills. I have been an environmental education practitioner for over 25 years and an active and long-term member of IdEEA. I have held various positions as a member of the Board, currently serving as President. My work is in support of the organization, Idaho’s environment, those who work and live off the land, and those who share in the work of enhancing knowledge and connections to our natural world.  

Courtney Russell Residence: Boise

Occupation: Girl Scouts

I grew up playing outdoors and going to camp every summer in lower Northern 

C. Russell

Michigan. It was during these times that my love for the outdoors grew. I attended Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior where I received an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management. During my time in college, I was able to understand the importance of experiential learning and about the growing disconnect between children and the outdoors. I have spent numerous summers and the past few years working for different non-profit camping organizations around the United States and am very happy to be working as the Outdoor Program and Camp Manager for the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage. What better place to have environmental education than camp? Not only do I love helping others learn about their environment, but I find myself learning new things with them. I feel that if we can connect youth to their environments in fun interesting ways, they will find the importance of taking care of them. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are from, environmental education is for all and I am excited to be a part of a board that feels the same.


Genny Gerkegennybio Residence: Boise Occupation: Outdoor Program Director, The College of Idaho

Genny is ecstatic to serve on the board of IdEEA! She has been inspired by IdEEA since attending the conference in 2009. Genny has lived in Idaho most of her life and began teaching Environmental Education at the McCall Outdoor Science School in 2008.  At The College of Idaho she studied Environmental Science, ran for the cross country team, and studied abroad in Cuzco, Peru. As a graduate student in Bioregional Planning and Community design she wrote her thesis on Two Methodologies to Involve Youth in the Public Planning Process, which still influences her teaching and . She has worked and volunteered for many local organizations in the Treasure Valley including Zoo Boise, the MK Nature Center, The Cabin, and the New Roots Program with the Golden Eagle Audubon Society. She is currently the Outdoor Program Director at The College of Idaho. In her free time Genny explores Idaho with her partner Andrew, spends time with her family, and races ultramarathons around the region. 


Jyoti Jennewein Residence: Moscow

Occupation: UI PhD student

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University in 2007, I joined the US Peace Corps and served in the Republic of Niger. Through my work as a Community Health Agent I became interested in environmental education and its connection to human health. In 2012, I returned to school to obtain a master’s degree, completing my first year at the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS). While working at MOSS, I developed an interest in communicating science and environmental concerns to students in an accessible and engaging way. After MOSS, I built on these communication skills the following year when I was awarded a National Science Foundation GK12 fellowship and taught Honors Biology at Lewiston High School.  This past year I worked as the Co-Manager of the University of Idaho’s Confluence Project, which connects north Idaho high school students to local water resources through field investigations designed to integrate experiential, place-based learning with scientific inquiry both in and out of the classroom. I am currently working toward my PhD studying arctic ecology using remote sensing at the University of Idaho in Moscow.


Kristin Gnojewski

Residence: Boise

Occupation: Educator

My passion for the outdoors grew out of childhood summers spent camping in the wilds of Oregon and Washington, along with afternoons exploring the natural world at my grandmother’s small farm in Hillsboro, Oregon.  In high school, I participated in Northwest Youth Corp, which eventually brought me to the Frank Church River of No Return wilderness in central Idaho to work on a trail crew for the US Forest Service.  After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Geography and a minor in Environmental Science I relocated to Idaho full time.  Eventually I decided to go back to school, this time at Boise State where I earned my teaching certificate and a Master’s degree in Earth Science.  As an educator in the Boise area for fifteen years, I have developed a passion for connecting youth to their environment in a multitude of ways.  In my free time, I enjoy volunteering with the Golden Eagle Audubon Society and other environmentally focused organizations around the Treasure Valley.