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The Idaho Environmental Education Association (IdEEA) has served as Idaho’s voice for environmental literacy and education since 1982. Through our work with classroom and community educators, we provide professional development opportunities and encourage community connections, benefiting thousands of Idaho students.  Environmental literacy helps clarify our understanding of the natural world and our role in it.

IdEEA has added an EE Resources tab on the website. We’re here to serve you.  Let us know what resources you need to encourage environmental literacy and education in your school, agency, nonprofit or business.

Earth Day is just around the corner. It is both an opportunity to celebrate the environment and a way to channel energy into addressing the environmental and social challenges that we face as a global society. Since the first Earth Day in 1970, we’ve seen transformative changes in society, from tweets to climate change.  Against this backdrop of change, celebrating Earth Day highlights the progress we’ve made in addressing environmental challenges, as well as illuminates how much more we need to do and why caring for the Earth matters to each community on the planet.  Education is the most powerful tool we have to help people understand the connections between a healthy environment, social equity, and shared prosperity, and how these underpinnings of sustainability are more important now than ever before. This is truly everyone’s movement.  Celebrate!

idg_color_web What gives with Idaho Gives? On May 1 IdEEA will join thousands of Idaho nonprofits for a single day of charitable giving. It’s fun and easy, so help spread the word. Then on May 1, search for the Idaho Environmental Education Association at www.idahogives.org and make your gift to environmental literacy and education!  Or set up a user account now at www.idahogives.org and schedule your donation for May 1. So what are you going to do on May 1? Give!

Here’s a visual ‘taste’ of EE in action in Idaho!